Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day after the big "high"

If I did not have enough attention yesterday then I sure did today, all my friends or far away acquaintances want a copy of the book. I feel terrible. I keep telling them it is only 1 story and not my best one but most people who know me want me to write my memoirs and so they feel this is going to give me a push. It will. I have part of it already done.

It is good day. Not only that I found better diaper pants, that is important too. Perhaps less laundry for me and my eyes will not become slanted like the Chinese laundry lady.
Oops! that is probably profiling. Got to be so cautious these days not to do a faux pas.

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Unknown said...

I need a good read! I am just finishing up the Twilight series (not my usual choice for reading) and need something DIFFERENT. I love reading about history so I'm excited. Let me know a time/ day that is best and Zoe and I will stop by!

You should be very proud and I hope you keep writing!!