Friday, January 18, 2013

a lot of hoopla on Weather TV but

Here we have a very sunny morning, not a cloud in the sky and no snow.
All sorts of warnings last night.
But I am sure on 4000 elevation and in the ski areas they had their share
while my sub basement flooded yesterday they had snow.

Son is finished with his 18 weeks of torture.
Algebra and him are not the best buddies.
But I believe he said he still had a 91 on his last test and is waiting for his totals now. He is now like almost normal !!!!! This was a hard load for him.
Next week and the rest to come will be psychology etc........that he will love.

Zack in clinic for more testing today.
He is one happy camper since school is finished.
Next it will be automotive school, I think he will love that.
He only talks about cars and motors.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Is winter coming to the South?

It is 49 outside my yard is flooded, we cross our fingers for the semi basement.
Raining very hard , the dogs look outside then look up at me and they say:"Are you kidding me?You go pee in this wet mess!".
Bob tells me that we will get snow and I laugh, it is 49 outside!
Temps will drop in the evening and we are expecting a lot of wet snow but it will not stick because the earth is warm still.
Rhonda will be happy if she sees 5 snowflakes.
I am ready with salt for the thaw.
I better cook for 2 days just in case the electric goes out . Plus in my phone and Kindle.

Photos will be coming if this is a reality!!
Stay warm, world.
Maybe winter will make an entrance in the South East.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Zack has 92 .......on English Honors

Just got the "official" word. Zack made a 92 on his English Honors and is indeed an early graduate!! (you know you hold your breath until you get it in writing)!!! Frank said Zack hasn't stopped smiling all day.

Zack graduation inspite of being ill............

Sabrina Kensinger:
Zack is DONE with his school work and we are awaiting the "official" he is an early graduate letter / phone call!! I already got the word from school last week that he just had to finish this paper and it's a done deal!!! SO SO SO PROUD of everything that he accomplished with all these obstacles!! Proud of you Zack Fisher !!! and he is going to cross the stage with all of his friends. I will get to see ALL of my "boys and girls" graduate!!! Boy I better bring a couple of boxes of kleenex.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The heat in January

People are lined up still to get flu shots.
They call it an epidemic situation.
I do think they like to sell a lot of shots.
I did not get one.
I did not get one for the last 5 or so years.

Now today was a summer day.
People walking about in shorts.
I had a short sleeved dress on with a scarf and walked downtown, it was too hot to wear the shawl.
This is January the 13th, we reached 69 degrees.

Walking Bijou I turn a corner and right in front of me a cherry tree in bloom.
The kind we see in DC at the end of March but there it is in full bloom.
One night of frost and it will be all gone and miscalculated. Who is wrong?
Mother Nature gave it the wrong signal? perhaps the tree did not listen....
Are we so smart that we run in shorts and in a few days we need parkas and boots, what do we tell our body?

It's enough to drive an 80 year old to drink.

a dog named "Courage".

"Courage is a tall girl with a shiny coat and greying in her face.
She has big brown eyes.
We do not know her exact age nor her breed.
Probably like we used to say 47 Heinz variety.

Courage had another name and home at one time, she lived outside on a chain with a dog house.
My daughter in law would bring home anything on 4 legs and disliked most species on 2 legs. She kept watching the black dog and saw that she did not get much in food and nill in attention. Then one day she saw the dog being beaten. That night the rescue effort was made and Ari climbed over the fence and took the dog and ran for her car.
Delighted she came home to show her new live-in. Bob would not have anything to do with it, you go to the Sheriff right now and explain and they will confront the owner and you will get the dog!!!!

Ari figured he was right and the rest is history.
The female settled in with cats, and some angora rabbits. They named her "Courage".
But she was a bit short in the courage department. She hid, she was frightened.
She no longer had it to fight back, she gave in and hid.
Oddly enough she took to Bob. Since a male had beaten her we were not sure she would trust another one but she adores Bob.

At some point the gang moved to Texas, including a tank with hermit crabs which we still have but now bigger. Bob wants to save the crabs from the ugly gift shops who paint them sell them for 9.95 and then the cage etc....and the hermit needs certain food in captivity and certain temperature. Bob can't save the crab population but he has kept 7 of them for about 7 years now.
They are tame to some extend as they know when he comes with the food.
Special organic food !!!!

In Texas we all lost our Ari. Her dad was in charge of her things as Bob had come home for a short visit to help with old Dad. Bob had of course left the cats and dogs in Texas ans was going to return within a few weeks.
Bob has agoraphobia, he got worse and worse and could not leave the house. Brie and I found out that they had put Courage and the cats in a shelter. They were to be put down tomorrow. Brie pleaded and pleaded so they kept the animals for us to come and get.

We took a plane to Dallas and went straight to the shelter and accepted a giddy Courage and some neglected scared cats.Long hair all messed up.
We put them in boxes , got Ari's car and drove home the same day.
We had to get into a motel at some point. So we found one and said we had a dog and paid for him but kept quiet about the cat menagerie.

We settled in put out a cat box and hoped for the best.
One kitten had been crying the whole 300 miles and we still had a day to go.
All went well. Courage kept waking up and looking at us. It was a long night.
Next morning we pack up and miss a cat....we look cat...panic sets cat to be seen. We know no one had opened a door we had blocked it with a chair and double lock. The cat had to be somewhere. Sabrina undid the beds and there she was between the box spring, she put up a fight and did not want to leave her safe place.

Back en route we ordered in drive-ins, less we would have one animal bolt out.
We had a delivery of one cat ordered in Atlanta by Ari's friend.
So with the meowing out of the way we had it a bit quieter on the rest of our trip.
Courage behaved very well.

The reunion of Bob and Courage was all joy. They make a terrific team.
She loves it here and she became a bit overweight. That worried me but not enough to share my dinners with the lot of them. No we did not keep the other cats, friends of Ari all wanted one of them and I had one already so lets just stop it there.
Bob loves the dogs but his big love is cats, so I keep quiet about that.

In the autumn I noticed that Courage was losing weight, she did not go gobble the food and became somewhat distant. The changes came very slowly but I kept feeding her more and more and she would refuse, finally I am feeding her out of my hands or with a spoon. I said to Bob that she is senile. Say what?

Her walking around from room to room sometimes stuck in a corner reminded me of old Bob and his walks. Everything showed me "dementia" and sure enough that is what
the old girl has. We are trying vitamins which are supposed to help a lot with hearing and recognition. We are guessing she is about 14 and has had a terrific life with Bob not to mention that I spoil her. She does sleep with Bob that is her friend and she tolerates Bijou and the Corgy.
Sad to see but Ari saved her for a better life.

Friday, January 4, 2013

antiques and decorators

A friend gave me some gorgeous magazines to peruse.
The kind of magazines with every page a thick glossy feel and gorgeous colors to get your attention.
My hands caressed the pages as I started to actually read the reasons why this color or that color had been picked for this "English look".
I checked article after article on the homes in Western Carolina.
I had no idea that we have so many interior decorators in this small town.
Truly, this is not Charlotte, not even close to being Asheville.
Are there so many people who do not know how to put a room together?

I am glad that they obviously must have work to be represented in such magazines and contests. Contests for the best room, the best house for the year, the best windows, you name it and they have a contest for it.

I have known interior decorators in my business, they were all diva's.
They would empty half the shop on approval and then return 99 percent of it way past the return date.

Can you imagine a house with 10 rooms to be done and each room has a different decorator. The prize is to be published and free advertisement.

I can't begin to think to see 10 divas plus staff milling around that house.
Trying to see what each one is doing would be called spying but when they come over with a smile and a glass of wine how can you hide that "find" which makes the room.

When I finished two such magazines and perused all the photos I noticed how much everything is changed.
Art: my husband's gorgeous work of trompe l'oeil panels and still lives were not in style in these homes. Decorator "garbage" I call it which you can buy by the ton at Pier I. We had some of that at Steinmart too. I did not see original work on any of the walls. Husband would be starving if he was still alive.

Antiques: My big love. Here and there I saw a table, an accent, a breakfront repainted in white with faux streaks of grey here and there , the background was now covered with chintz, Breakfronts in solid wood can be had at thrift shops for 400 bucks , you redo it and charge your client 1500 for this accent piece. In one cupboard I saw what they called Wedgewood china. It was all white without much decor at all, the idea was to have this all white. The word Wedgwood added class but in this case was not needed.
In other words people now need someone to tell them what to look at and live with the rest of their days. People need gurus in every shape of their life.
Gosh I must have missed so much guidance in my 80 years.
I just followed what I liked and what my soul required in comfort and looks.
If I was still in business I would be starving, well, come to think of it, I thought so in 2001 when I closed up shop, the trend was then visible in the Atlanta Wholesale Market.


Payday was yesterday so today is shopping day with my taxi "Rhonda".
Even so the sky is that lovely blue we enjoy so in the mountains of NC but on top of my list is "SALT".

Not the kind you put in your stew but on the sidewalks and steps I expecting problems with snow? You can bet on it! Or can you?
The lillies boarding the rustic fence of my neighbor have leaves about 5 inches tall, no kidding these things usually start to show up very slowly in March.

Some of my petunias I planted last year are still going strong and even budding???
Looked at the calendar twice, yes, we are January!

Rhonda and I will enjoy a lunch somewhere and then stock up.
Yes, I will buy extra canned food in case we have an ice storm resulting in no power for days. We do have a camper stove and also have installed a gas heater in the living room, it does not need electrical power. We are set.

Noticed we got a pay raise with our s.s. check. Noticed AARP secondary health insurance went up. Noticed that Humana for my prescriptions went UP.Tried to notice what raise I did left a bigger hole in the complete budget.

Try and figure out what to cut out is hard. Our luxury in this house is the internet and minimum cable. We do not eat out. If I have lunch with the girls they fight me on the bill and pay. I do not need more clothing, I need to weed out again in that department. I do buy now and then some jean dress at the thrift store. Spending money on kindle is at a minimum lots of books are free or 0.99 cents.

With these old houses comes old pipes , my house was built in 1926.
I noticed the next street had to open sewer pipes at 4 houses. We are told that all the labor and parts on our property is our bill! You can get insurance for I gave in to that. I am thinking that sooner or later my street will be next.
No works have been done here since we came here 37 years ago. Another new bill for 2003.

All this is very boring but is it not life?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Resolutions 2013

1) I decided definitely NOT to give up chocolate this year. That is a resolution I promise I will keep.

2) I decided not to try and loose 25 lbs , if I lost that I would be ill.
So lets keep the fat for 2013.

3) ABsolutely will not give up my French fries. I just got a new fry pot and it should last to the end of this year. No French fries would make me sick and we do not want that.

4) I will not give up spoiling Bijou. No matter how much I am being heckled about this. My resolution is to continue to spoil this white rat with a bad haircut and often bad breath.

5) I WILL go on trips with anyone who asks me, I promise to step in cars, busses, planes and go wherever you are going. I will stick to that promise for 2014.

6) I WILL give up sex, that I promise. Enough said, no details needed.

7) I will NOT neglect Facebook and the 16 farms. I probably will neglect the flowers but...I am not perfect.

8) I will continue to say bad words. I am no longer a nice with manners lady, I am now a crusty old broad sue me.

9) I will NOT give up on Judge Judy, she is a MUST in my life. Prepares me for going into court, if I ever need to do that.

10) I will NOT give up vacuuming unless my back is given me hell.

Enough with the resolutions.
This life is hard enough!!!!


Well, I did it! I am still here in 2013!

I went to bed at 9 I have seen that ball come down many times, it is a deja vu all over again.

In 1958/59 my then husband and I lived in New Jersey.
We drove to New York and hung around Time Square till the ball dropped.
I was a wreck, first time I left my baby girl with a sitter. It was the gal next door but still I just did not think it right that I was miles away standing in this
crowd and yet I had promised myself that I would do that at least once in my lifetime.

Young then, I was not afraid of the big crowds. The cops were everywhere and I felt protected wit5h New York's finest, on foot and on horses.
What were we worried about then? Pick Pockets!!!!!
We saw several being arrested and dragged away. That was our worry then.

I am very glad I saw it then because you could not pay me to go now.

Happy 2013 May we all experience the best year of health, wealth and contentment. I do not use the word happy anymore.
Happy is ups and downs. Do not go for that!

World Peace? We can wish, it will not happen just yet....we can wish.