Sunday, January 13, 2013

The heat in January

People are lined up still to get flu shots.
They call it an epidemic situation.
I do think they like to sell a lot of shots.
I did not get one.
I did not get one for the last 5 or so years.

Now today was a summer day.
People walking about in shorts.
I had a short sleeved dress on with a scarf and walked downtown, it was too hot to wear the shawl.
This is January the 13th, we reached 69 degrees.

Walking Bijou I turn a corner and right in front of me a cherry tree in bloom.
The kind we see in DC at the end of March but there it is in full bloom.
One night of frost and it will be all gone and miscalculated. Who is wrong?
Mother Nature gave it the wrong signal? perhaps the tree did not listen....
Are we so smart that we run in shorts and in a few days we need parkas and boots, what do we tell our body?

It's enough to drive an 80 year old to drink.

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