Thursday, January 17, 2013

Is winter coming to the South?

It is 49 outside my yard is flooded, we cross our fingers for the semi basement.
Raining very hard , the dogs look outside then look up at me and they say:"Are you kidding me?You go pee in this wet mess!".
Bob tells me that we will get snow and I laugh, it is 49 outside!
Temps will drop in the evening and we are expecting a lot of wet snow but it will not stick because the earth is warm still.
Rhonda will be happy if she sees 5 snowflakes.
I am ready with salt for the thaw.
I better cook for 2 days just in case the electric goes out . Plus in my phone and Kindle.

Photos will be coming if this is a reality!!
Stay warm, world.
Maybe winter will make an entrance in the South East.

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