Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Resolutions 2013

1) I decided definitely NOT to give up chocolate this year. That is a resolution I promise I will keep.

2) I decided not to try and loose 25 lbs , if I lost that I would be ill.
So lets keep the fat for 2013.

3) ABsolutely will not give up my French fries. I just got a new fry pot and it should last to the end of this year. No French fries would make me sick and we do not want that.

4) I will not give up spoiling Bijou. No matter how much I am being heckled about this. My resolution is to continue to spoil this white rat with a bad haircut and often bad breath.

5) I WILL go on trips with anyone who asks me, I promise to step in cars, busses, planes and go wherever you are going. I will stick to that promise for 2014.

6) I WILL give up sex, that I promise. Enough said, no details needed.

7) I will NOT neglect Facebook and the 16 farms. I probably will neglect the flowers but...I am not perfect.

8) I will continue to say bad words. I am no longer a nice with manners lady, I am now a crusty old broad ...so sue me.

9) I will NOT give up on Judge Judy, she is a MUST in my life. Prepares me for going into court, if I ever need to do that.

10) I will NOT give up vacuuming unless my back is given me hell.

Enough with the resolutions.
This life is hard enough!!!!

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