Friday, January 18, 2013

a lot of hoopla on Weather TV but

Here we have a very sunny morning, not a cloud in the sky and no snow.
All sorts of warnings last night.
But I am sure on 4000 elevation and in the ski areas they had their share
while my sub basement flooded yesterday they had snow.

Son is finished with his 18 weeks of torture.
Algebra and him are not the best buddies.
But I believe he said he still had a 91 on his last test and is waiting for his totals now. He is now like almost normal !!!!! This was a hard load for him.
Next week and the rest to come will be psychology etc........that he will love.

Zack in clinic for more testing today.
He is one happy camper since school is finished.
Next it will be automotive school, I think he will love that.
He only talks about cars and motors.

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