Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cel phones and more.....

When I had the stores I had a cell phone, must have been in the late 1990's. It was a simple instrument, I could call and receive calls....No texting, no Facebook, no pictures....I loved it, I just could touch home and see what I needed to do next.

Fast forward to last Christmas when Brie gave me a phone. She said it is a simple one...yeh right..not like mine she said...just so you can call us if outside and in trouble. Oh but it does take pictures. ...Fine delighted......

Then I tried to send a text...I was lost, was pushing wrong buttons, was calling people I did not my tail between my legs I go to son and admit I am not a nerd (well he knew THAT) and ask how can I text. He took my lovely phone in his hands and frowned...."Let me see, Mom" ...time passes...."What you do, Mom,......damn if I remember, I had one of these 5 years ago but I forget on how to use see mine is so much simpler and I can read my emails and go on Facebook, text in different ways then yours ...." So now what? Do not text just write them an email or can do that, right????

SO...between 1998 and 2013 there is a world of difference??????????I do not even know what a blackbird, Android, and Apple,or a Pear means anymore...if I can't eat it I let it be for the NERDS with money!!!!!

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