Sunday, February 3, 2013

I love a mother like that...

I heard this tale and thought I'd write about it.
It is about a very smart woman-mother.
She has a young lad who had a birthday and did receive several gifts of money.
She also knows he has a lazy disposition at times.
Not so lazy that he would take the money and run to the store to get what he
needs for his vehicle.
So the mother decided to nip this in the "butt".
She asked for the money, the lad put it on the table with a big frown.
He wondered what she would do with his stash and worried that he perhaps owed her
that much and he forgot.
The mother gently said: "This money stays here until I see the "thank you " notes to
the people who were so generous with you.
Within five minutes if not less, the notes were on the table all ready and set for the mailman.
The young man grabbed his bills, counted them again, and flew out the door to get to the auto shop
when they would open.

I am of a generation when we did write "Thank You" notes but often these days the parents forget to
enforce this. When a kid writes :"I do not like" Walmart gift cards" I never go there then you may be sure he
will not see another one coming from me.
When they get a present and say :"I thought it would be something else". He or she is on my list too.
Kids to day are so spoiled with enormous expensive gits in the electronic vain and expect all the time to get
one bigger or better and the cost does not enter their mind.
I am just griping this is not for my family in fact I forgot to give one grandson his Christmas gift, yikes,
he probably will be surprised when he gets it on Valentine's day.

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