Wednesday, February 13, 2013

a new milestone in the Catholic church.

I looked at the latest on my FB page and saw a small notice from the BBC and my pal in the UK.
It said that the Pope was resigning.
I checked to make sure we were not April 1st.
I thought I had missed a bunch of Rome's news as this could not just come out of the blue.
I wrote"Surprise?"

It turned out it was. The Cardinal from NY was on the news and told us that his secretary told him when he went into his office.
He just said he had to sit down. He could not believe it.
The church has to deal with a lot these days not the least of it the pedophile charges all over the place.
Less people filling the chairs...more Catholic schools closing at least in the USA and the list goes on and on.
My mother was a kid in a catholic convent from age 3 to 18.
She did not go to church very often anymore in the last 3 or 4 decades of her life not even on Easter. When she passed on the priest said to me that he did not know that woman. Was not sure if she belonged to his parish. I told him she lived for decades around the corner of his church. Evidently he had not tried to find his parishers either. After much talk he let her come into the church for her final trip.
I was a bit out of shape with him, at the end he did well by us. But I was thinking today that she had little use for the Popes, she said over and over again that the good one had been poisoned for sure even so it was never declared so. I can't remember which one it was, anyway during her life time. She did not know about this new one, she had already left us, I have an idea she would not have liked him either. She wanted more changes and I think a lot of people would still agree with her.

The changes are not going to come as I heard Cockie Roberts explain that the Cardinals of choice for the most part
were accepted under this Pope or the one right before all with similar convictions, not a rebel in the bunch.
Several Catholics in interviews would like to see someone from Africa for a change. It worked for a President so why not?

I am confused that he made this proclamation 2 days before Lent. Easter looming in the horizon. The sudden announcement and more so the timing. I will leave Feb 28th. That is like 2 weeks away, why not do it after Easter?
To look at his face one can see that he is not well. He has aged a lot in the last 5 years. They say he can hardly walk.

This evening the talk on the news was how to go into unsailed waters...what to call him after this. What to do with the Papal ring (usually being smashed) , is he still a Holy man? questions were everywhere. a lot will remain to be seen on how the rest of his Vatican people will vote and make up new rules as they go.
I have my doubts that he did this on his free will.
Does he have dementia? Could he still deliver his speech in latin if he does? Could he not be in his bed during a bad illness and give the orders to his people in charge?
Did the book from his secretary make a dent? Did the HBO show make a difference?
The secrecy in the Vatican is legend so we may never know what is going on.
I thought I read that he wanted his last days in Bavaria, quiet and in prayer. Then they showed the apartment which is of course in the same buildings in the Vatican.

The next Pope comes in with a load full of work and more and more controversy.

I have left the church decades ago, I would never have been able to marry the love of my life.
We were married at the Unity Church in Santa Cruz cal.44 years tomorrow.
Bob said there was only one day in the year which suited him for our wedding and it was Valentines day.
Happy 44 wherever you are Papa K.


Kathleen Stander said...

Your writing is beautiful.
I have been reading your blog for quite some time, having found it because you, as do I, like "to learn something new every day."
Peace to you, blogger friend.

Jeannot said...

Dear Kathleen, I had goofed with my "comment account" I had clicked once too many times and the comments never showed up anymore. Daughter came by yesterday and corrected my errors and lo and behold I found a FAN!
You made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for the lovely words.
I am a frustrated writer.
I write the way I speak, I always tell stories.
Peace to you too my new blogger friend.