Sunday, February 3, 2013

So I am, into books, who would have ever thought....

Within my Fire Kindle I discovered this time that there were books I wanted to read besides fluff and romance.
I remember Bob and I have discussions over the French Revolution, I think he read all he could about it.
A "psychic" told us a long time ago that we were together during that time and I mistreated that the reason that he gave me 13 years of heart ache when he was ill with dementia? Soit, who knows. C'est la vie.

So I had read Mme Bovary eons ago and reread that. I knew the ending, during that period they all had to have a pinch of arsenic in the books or it was not worth writing.It was just a bit of fluff that got me in the mood for history rather than novels.

Then I thought I would get into the Louis's.
I saw that Kindle had a series of memoirs on our celebrity of that day and picked Louis XIV.
Memoirs written by Duc Louis de Rouvroy Saint Simon.
The first volume was like reading the telephone book of nobility and bastard children.
I doubted I was going to finish the book.
Then I got involved with some intrigue and the battle in Namur against the Prince d'Orange.
Of course Belgium as a country was still far away, at this point in time this is the Low Country.

I started to remember who was the "prince of the blood" and who were the bastards so loved by the Prince.
The church (Catholic) at that time was also playing enormous roles.
Not to even mention the mistresses.
The whole set of intrigue, poisons, secret love, arranged marriages to 13 year olds , protocol, castles here and there ,writers like Racine and priest such as Pierre Lachaise.
Just so much to learn again even if I had a bit in school it was mostly about this King or Queen Died and this and that one took over after a fight or with support.....

The writer had written for years and years and had thousands upon thousands of sheets with the accounts of the court ,
it is said that his documents are still in Versailles.

Finished volume one (it stopped rather abruptly) I needed a little bit more so ordered Volume 2. (all these are Free on Kindle)
After number 2 I ventured to order more so now on Book 5, I am wondering if I will finish the whole series and I think it is 11 or 12 of them. Right now I find it very interesting. Old Bob was right but then he was a Royalist lost in America.

After that there is still so many years to catch up with ......who know where I will end up.

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