Sunday, January 22, 2012

party time

Rhonda had a party for her birthday / Chinese New Year.
We had a very good time, ladies only and all the Chinese food enough to open a restaurant.
It was quite pleasant, I was the only old bird among ladies on menapause.
Guess that is why we all had fans on our plates.\Chinese fortunes were read and it seems that I will make money this about them apples...said so also last year and I did have a great start with my shop.
On to pricing and beading enough with the chit chat.....there is work awaiting this old gal...

PS MY quince bush is starting to bloom..usually in March...

Saturday, January 21, 2012


I have been AWOL ....because...I am so damn busy with the new shop opening Feb 1 and grand opening the 12th.
Purchased a large lot with heart jewelry , over 258 pieces, they are still to come.
Meanwhile I fret over lights and display cases....yesterday between dr appointments rushed to thrift stores...found 2 nice lamps at Hospice (thank you Celia who works there as volunteer) found some old beads there too. Locals should try the stores in Asheville, they are nice too.
Dr said his tests are fine and now on to the scan again.
Then we will also have a complete check up and that I do not like they always find something. After that I should be MD free.

Have neglected my friends very sorely and hope they know I am rushing in head and on foot to find what I need.

Meanwhile also making more necklaces and stuff....Bobby has been neglected my cooking is anything I can put together in 10 minutes.
Fast food on Valley St.

I will come bck to normal (did I say normal?) in a few weeks.

Today we celebrate Daughter Rhonda birthday she has a Chinese New Years party and
it is all ladies, should be fun.

Dr. Cargill, the urologist, and the best, gave me a "You go girl" when he found out how busy I am.

Nick, grandson, and I decided this week that I should try for 90.
A year ago I would have said:"NO WAY" I did not want to live beyond 83.
Today in my frame of mind 90 sounds pretty good but with conditions:
I have to keep all my marbles, and be able to walk, I will even take a
cane, have done that and wearing the T shirt.
Nick said I will make it, he should know he will be a dr in 1 1/2 years.

Enough said I need to get dressed for a party!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

busy busy

opening new section of store Feb 11
just bought 254 vintage heart pieces, necklaces, earrings, pins, watches, yikes...keep pricing Jeannot do not sit here.....

Friday, January 6, 2012

Vertigo day....

I am thinking that the way I walked Bijou this morning my neighbors peaking behind the curtains must have been thinking that I was hitting the bottle a bit early.
Damn vertigo! As I tried to just concentrate in front of me, not turning the head,
(I can't hear cars behind me, good luck with that J.) and walking a straight line, I started to giggle I had a picture in mind of a cop stopping me and ordering me to walk a straight line. That would be a hoot.

Think my choice of day will be to sit still or just go to sleep all day if I can.
Darn crystals in the ear, I have necklaces to make with real crystals.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

new collection started for 2012 and second shop:

I thought I had more pictures but that is the beginning anyway.....

Had my saints mixed up on last post

It was St Simond I think or Simon or whatever but not St Thomas Island.
Yikes...I am getting old.


Holidays gone, done, over with.

They were not as bad as I had thought , I had not made any plans at all and everything that was needed came in perfect order.
Sabrina has a lovely Christmas party, her house decorated to the max, felt warm and lovely. Rhonda and grandsons invited us all for the Christmas eve dinner, her new apartement is charming and the table was darn right gorgeous, the meal spectacular.
We all had a nice calm evening and I was asked to read my last story about Red.
I felt uncomfortable but then got into the swing of it and finished it with some tears. Tears of great memories of the ones no longer with us.

Christmas day was calm for both Bobby and I. He has had some set backs and Shannon could not come just yet until he is calmer with new medicine.
He missed all the parties but he is better that way without commotion.

Boxing day Sabrina and I took off for a few days at Jekyll Island.
If I cant be on the Hawaiian islands then I want to be in Jekyll.
It is quiet, one road around the island so to speak the rest is closed with some strategic parking lots among the giant old trees decorated with tons of
Spanish moss. I love Spanish moss, so do the chiggers. I did not tell Brie that as I made her take a photo with a moss wig.
I will post photos too.
We went to the other well spoken about St Thomas island but I like Jekyll better.
The best meal was at 31 latitude, I had Alfredo sauce with plenty of shrimp and
(can't find the word) the round white oh! scallops.
It was delicious, sauce no doubt made with pure cream, back on the hips I'd say.
We returned the next day for lunch so Brie could have her crab legs.

What we had not planned or knew is that L and C were there for Christmas and leaving the day after we came. We planned to have dinner together on the Monday but the traffic had other plans. From Columbia on 26 to 95 the Florida route it was
bumper to bumper, what usually takes 7 hours took us 11 hours so we had to cancel our engagement. L and C visited us in our room (they had the same hotel too) and brought a bottle of fine wine, I was also drunk from swaying in the car one yard at the time.....never again on Dec 26 will I leave the house...unless I fly somewhere...years ago Bob, young Bob, and I flew on Christmas day and the plane was virtually empty, we went to Belgium, of course.

The island trip was a jewel for me as it was quiet and the shops had nothing to make me spend money (that is rare) so it was all about walking the beaches and between the fantastic houses built around 1886 to 1900.
J P Morgan came there on his yacht and decided they need a club there.
They being the Astors, Vanderbilts, Rockefellers.
The club house is now a gorgeous hotel, we had lunch there and I watched the all white clad gents playing croquet on the lawn. My imagination took me to 1900 and I saw the ladies mix with the gents in gorgeous white lace dresses and big hats....oh what a sight it was...then I had to open my eyes again and settle for what was there now still enjoying the good life.
I did not find out what the rate was at the hotel, besides that I always want to be on the beach and ours was indeed right next to the beach and dunes, only 10 steps from our room. The rates were do-able but I am sure that when we left they went up as there was a Blue Grass Festival this week end and the hotel was filling up very fast.
It was a perfect get away, Brie drove a long distance to give me this thrill.

New Years week end, Shannon came but had to go home yesterday on Dec 31st.
Bobby at long last had a friend to talk with about all the latest in their lives.

Shannon gave me a gorgeous portfolio and in it I found most of my stories neatly typed and sorted. She called it "a work in progress". It was very sweet of her to
think so much about my stories.

Life is good....
2012 lets keep it good!!!!