Saturday, January 21, 2012


I have been AWOL ....because...I am so damn busy with the new shop opening Feb 1 and grand opening the 12th.
Purchased a large lot with heart jewelry , over 258 pieces, they are still to come.
Meanwhile I fret over lights and display cases....yesterday between dr appointments rushed to thrift stores...found 2 nice lamps at Hospice (thank you Celia who works there as volunteer) found some old beads there too. Locals should try the stores in Asheville, they are nice too.
Dr said his tests are fine and now on to the scan again.
Then we will also have a complete check up and that I do not like they always find something. After that I should be MD free.

Have neglected my friends very sorely and hope they know I am rushing in head and on foot to find what I need.

Meanwhile also making more necklaces and stuff....Bobby has been neglected my cooking is anything I can put together in 10 minutes.
Fast food on Valley St.

I will come bck to normal (did I say normal?) in a few weeks.

Today we celebrate Daughter Rhonda birthday she has a Chinese New Years party and
it is all ladies, should be fun.

Dr. Cargill, the urologist, and the best, gave me a "You go girl" when he found out how busy I am.

Nick, grandson, and I decided this week that I should try for 90.
A year ago I would have said:"NO WAY" I did not want to live beyond 83.
Today in my frame of mind 90 sounds pretty good but with conditions:
I have to keep all my marbles, and be able to walk, I will even take a
cane, have done that and wearing the T shirt.
Nick said I will make it, he should know he will be a dr in 1 1/2 years.

Enough said I need to get dressed for a party!

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Unknown said...

I really want to check out your store although right now I couldn't afford to buy anything. :( I think 90+ is a good number. My mom is coming up on 83,healthy for the most part, her mind is good, and feisty;) like you.

This is the country town I grew up in. I remember being a young teen seeing this man plowing a nearby field and my parents would exclaim what a wonder he was. That was 20 + years ago. I'm not sure I would want to live that long.