Thursday, June 26, 2014


How cool is that?
He picked the right town.

and then there were 2

Had a phone call from Belgium.
Of course I could hardly hear it
he spoke slowly and yelled ( he said)
It was my cousin Janine's grandson on the phone.
He said: I am sorry to tell you that Etienne has passed away.
My mind went sort of cloudy, still is.

Etienne was my buddy when we grew up, our mothers were sisters.
I was botn in March 1932, he same year but in Sept.
He suffered for many years with agaraphobia.
Can't spell right now.

Second friend from 1932 I loose in 2 months.

Etienne has Alzheimer and I did not see him in that state, he had been in
elder care in a hospital in Gent, Belgium.
Remembering my husband at the end I just feel like it probably was a blessing for him
what is left from the person near the end?

Rest in Peace, Etiennetje, my friend and cousin with the flaming red hair.
Love ye

Monday, June 16, 2014

meeting with a 40 + lbs scale

I should not be here.
No question about it.
I had a bad fall, damaged a knee and then grabbed at a tablecloth which was held down by a 40 + lbs antique scale.
I should not even be here to tell about it, scale hit me full force on the forehead.
More scanning expected probably this week.
Have minor problems with this.

from past files - Re 1946 and the Merchant of Venice

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