Thursday, June 26, 2014

and then there were 2

Had a phone call from Belgium.
Of course I could hardly hear it
he spoke slowly and yelled ( he said)
It was my cousin Janine's grandson on the phone.
He said: I am sorry to tell you that Etienne has passed away.
My mind went sort of cloudy, still is.

Etienne was my buddy when we grew up, our mothers were sisters.
I was botn in March 1932, he same year but in Sept.
He suffered for many years with agaraphobia.
Can't spell right now.

Second friend from 1932 I loose in 2 months.

Etienne has Alzheimer and I did not see him in that state, he had been in
elder care in a hospital in Gent, Belgium.
Remembering my husband at the end I just feel like it probably was a blessing for him
what is left from the person near the end?

Rest in Peace, Etiennetje, my friend and cousin with the flaming red hair.
Love ye

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