Wednesday, January 26, 2011

busy busy busy

my little commercial corner will open Feb 11.
I am sorting, beading, pricing, washing and ironing vintage linens.
Busy busy busy

Meanwhile I do read my fave British blog:

and watch the Master Piece theatre on Sundays

and extremely happy about the oscar nominations of the King's Speech
as I rarely go to movies anymore and saw that one!!!!

Happy it is raining today and no snow.
My gas bill gave me heartburn over 400 bucks for Dec/Jan
Be still my heart.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rhonda is 53

How could that be?
OK so I needed convincing.
Instead of counting on the fingers I did the math on my machine.
The machine and fingers are lying.
How could she be 53???(tomorrow Jan 21)
I feel like I am barely 55.

What do numbers mean anyway?????????
Surely I did not get any thrills when it turned 1/1/11
what is up with that?

I do not think that 2012 is the end of it all...........but I am wondering why the birds are dropping dead in flocks not only here but Italy and Germany too????
Are they the canaries entering the mines and telling us something?

Well, for now I am happy to just take it one day at a time, if I wake up in the morning that is a good sign that I am still here, no matter what age I am.
Happy Birthday Girl

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

leave me alone..............

I want to tell the truth almost all the time.
hate even little white lies.
But now I know I am in trouble when I want to tell my friends, my family, to just leave me the hell alone.
Do not talk to me ...I want the Garbo act...I want to be alone.....

Of course it would be rude and it would be a lie.

I am just lonely and yes, depressed.
All that damn snow does not help.

Then I read in Times that they have new theories about mourning.
Since the Arizona shooting , Time magazine decided to upgrade us on
what grieving is.

All the writings of K. Ross from the 1960's had been followed for decades.
5 stages of grief in bold letters I read they are all a myth.
Research has been done in the last decades in several countries and
Universities. "They" decided that most people are over their grief within 6 months. Seeking counseling does not necessarily help and talking about your loss
is not needed.
Women are not the ones who have most trouble grieving as we thought.
Working people get over it faster and on and on..............

So I read all this stuff and decided I have till March to clean up my act,
not sleep the days away, clean my floors more often, take more showers,
and walk when the snow melts.

We missed Kahleb

all the snow in Asheville and here stopped us from seeing Kahleb a second time.
I can imagine him going to Sweden and telling his friends that he could not go shopping because of the snow.
Bet they do not believe him.

New Yorker reading can be a shock

Yup, I am reading in the New Yorker, latests do dads and there is the article on Belgtium.
Well written, well researched , talked to the right people kind of journalist but the news is shocking to this old Belgian.
We complain about immigration here, most Mexicans come to work, do work we no longer do. The mix of immigrants in Belgium is another story.
Not only do we have two parts fighting within the Belgians, the Walloons and the Flemish people but then you add into this mix, unruly Marocons, Algerians, Russians, the list goes on and on.
No borders, freedom, at what costs?
There are neighborhoods in Brussels which are riddled with crime. Belgians afraid to go into them. If you want a good school then send your kids to the Flemish school, most immigrants pick the French schools, easy for them to learn. That system is going to hell too. Teachers afraid of some of their students.
Government folding time after time.
No one interviewed has an answer.
They say Belgium's future is a question mark. Other countries are watching what will happen to little B. France is hard in their administration and rulings but they see what is happening next door.
None of what I read smells, looks, feels, like the place I grew up in.

In my friend neighborhood someone had been watching closely when people were going to work and returning. A big truck came packed everything from the house with several "movers" and was gone within 1/2 hour. That truck can make it out of Belgium and parts of Germany by night fall. Who will follow them? Who will even bother? It is a routine situation.

In my day we had to have our passports just to go dancing in Holland 7 km from my house. Waiting at the customs till they cleared us. We were annoyed but it was the rule.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

snow snow snow

Started Sunday night and we are Tuesday morning, we still get some off and on, freezing temperature no thaw in sight.'
Roads dangerous.
So far ok with power.
This is the deep freeze for a week I would say
even Atlanta and Charlotte got into the act.
No planes etc....
STORM now on the way to the North.
Expensive winter this will be.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Blah day

Still sad that perhaps I will not see Kahleb again during his US visit.
I'd like at least to see him a full day.
4 Inches of snow in Asheville and we have a dusting.
Rhonda can't get out of her driveway.
I am gloomy and do not even know why.
Will try to clean it may cheer me up.
Bedroom needs it.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jan 6 2011

The euphoria of the new year wears off very quickly.
One finds that even with the big promises of the new year there is this that does come back from the last year.
Problems are not solved because the clock struck twelve on Dec 31st , I may have felt that way but they are still here.
Can I do something about it? NO
so then why worry???
That is what son says, if you cant fix it then do not worry about it.

Grandson came to visit but son could not handle the emotions.
He could only handle it for 5 hours.
He is hurt, embarrassed (his word) and yet he could not be with
Kahleb thru the night.
I had heard them laughing in the living room and my heart was
We do not laugh often in this house. We are very quiet, very silent
most of the time.
The young laughter was great.
I had hoped for more.
It is not to be.
Not for now, perhaps next week???

Sunday, January 2, 2011

January 2 2011

So far this has been a great year.
One very good day behind me, 364 to come.

The highlight was washing my muddy kitchen floor,.
did little else. Play on computer, farming...silly game and Lexulous, got smashed with playing against Nancy.

The biggest pleasure was the traditional game OUTDOOR in pouring rain and melting ice by Washington against the Penguins. Crosby being my favorite Penguin , they lost.
It was a very brutal game, weather atrocious for them. Loved it all.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year Day

1/1/11 and 1 PM

so far this has been a very good year!!!!
keep it coming.

Good NHL game tonight

must check out PBS Strauss concert

ate too much

will not diet in 2011 resolution.

no other resolutions except to try and stay alive.