Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jan 6 2011

The euphoria of the new year wears off very quickly.
One finds that even with the big promises of the new year there is this that does come back from the last year.
Problems are not solved because the clock struck twelve on Dec 31st , I may have felt that way but they are still here.
Can I do something about it? NO
so then why worry???
That is what son says, if you cant fix it then do not worry about it.

Grandson came to visit but son could not handle the emotions.
He could only handle it for 5 hours.
He is hurt, embarrassed (his word) and yet he could not be with
Kahleb thru the night.
I had heard them laughing in the living room and my heart was
We do not laugh often in this house. We are very quiet, very silent
most of the time.
The young laughter was great.
I had hoped for more.
It is not to be.
Not for now, perhaps next week???

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