Wednesday, January 19, 2011

leave me alone..............

I want to tell the truth almost all the time.
hate even little white lies.
But now I know I am in trouble when I want to tell my friends, my family, to just leave me the hell alone.
Do not talk to me ...I want the Garbo act...I want to be alone.....

Of course it would be rude and it would be a lie.

I am just lonely and yes, depressed.
All that damn snow does not help.

Then I read in Times that they have new theories about mourning.
Since the Arizona shooting , Time magazine decided to upgrade us on
what grieving is.

All the writings of K. Ross from the 1960's had been followed for decades.
5 stages of grief in bold letters I read they are all a myth.
Research has been done in the last decades in several countries and
Universities. "They" decided that most people are over their grief within 6 months. Seeking counseling does not necessarily help and talking about your loss
is not needed.
Women are not the ones who have most trouble grieving as we thought.
Working people get over it faster and on and on..............

So I read all this stuff and decided I have till March to clean up my act,
not sleep the days away, clean my floors more often, take more showers,
and walk when the snow melts.

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