Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Yorker reading can be a shock

Yup, I am reading in the New Yorker, latests do dads and there is the article on Belgtium.
Well written, well researched , talked to the right people kind of journalist but the news is shocking to this old Belgian.
We complain about immigration here, most Mexicans come to work, do work we no longer do. The mix of immigrants in Belgium is another story.
Not only do we have two parts fighting within the Belgians, the Walloons and the Flemish people but then you add into this mix, unruly Marocons, Algerians, Russians, the list goes on and on.
No borders, freedom, at what costs?
There are neighborhoods in Brussels which are riddled with crime. Belgians afraid to go into them. If you want a good school then send your kids to the Flemish school, most immigrants pick the French schools, easy for them to learn. That system is going to hell too. Teachers afraid of some of their students.
Government folding time after time.
No one interviewed has an answer.
They say Belgium's future is a question mark. Other countries are watching what will happen to little B. France is hard in their administration and rulings but they see what is happening next door.
None of what I read smells, looks, feels, like the place I grew up in.

In my friend neighborhood someone had been watching closely when people were going to work and returning. A big truck came packed everything from the house with several "movers" and was gone within 1/2 hour. That truck can make it out of Belgium and parts of Germany by night fall. Who will follow them? Who will even bother? It is a routine situation.

In my day we had to have our passports just to go dancing in Holland 7 km from my house. Waiting at the customs till they cleared us. We were annoyed but it was the rule.

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