Friday, January 4, 2013


Payday was yesterday so today is shopping day with my taxi "Rhonda".
Even so the sky is that lovely blue we enjoy so in the mountains of NC but on top of my list is "SALT".

Not the kind you put in your stew but on the sidewalks and steps I expecting problems with snow? You can bet on it! Or can you?
The lillies boarding the rustic fence of my neighbor have leaves about 5 inches tall, no kidding these things usually start to show up very slowly in March.

Some of my petunias I planted last year are still going strong and even budding???
Looked at the calendar twice, yes, we are January!

Rhonda and I will enjoy a lunch somewhere and then stock up.
Yes, I will buy extra canned food in case we have an ice storm resulting in no power for days. We do have a camper stove and also have installed a gas heater in the living room, it does not need electrical power. We are set.

Noticed we got a pay raise with our s.s. check. Noticed AARP secondary health insurance went up. Noticed that Humana for my prescriptions went UP.Tried to notice what raise I did left a bigger hole in the complete budget.

Try and figure out what to cut out is hard. Our luxury in this house is the internet and minimum cable. We do not eat out. If I have lunch with the girls they fight me on the bill and pay. I do not need more clothing, I need to weed out again in that department. I do buy now and then some jean dress at the thrift store. Spending money on kindle is at a minimum lots of books are free or 0.99 cents.

With these old houses comes old pipes , my house was built in 1926.
I noticed the next street had to open sewer pipes at 4 houses. We are told that all the labor and parts on our property is our bill! You can get insurance for I gave in to that. I am thinking that sooner or later my street will be next.
No works have been done here since we came here 37 years ago. Another new bill for 2003.

All this is very boring but is it not life?

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