Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sabrina and Frank. then check me ready to take the dog out in the snow, leggings and all.
Nick is with me and I have to check out the handmade truffels courtesy of Jim.
Just baked some buns, are you hungry? I will make some more.


Unknown said...

YUMMMMY! where did you find legwarmers? I always loved them in the 70's....they were necessary in SD.

Jeannot said...

Joy, I had these forever , probably since the 70's who knows. I have trouble throwing things out but these I wear in bed and out and love them.
I had no time to even comb my hair that day so I was still in "working"mode.
The kids did not care, the food was good!!!!!

Jeannot said...

btw Joy, Sabrina too is in Wii mode. I am saving my pennies for one later.
Great for Aubrey that he can do that so well!!!!I am thrilled for him.