Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August and the heat is back

We had it cool for a few days but ,of course, it had to come back.
The moods around here are getting a bit lighter, we are finally at the end of paper work for Bob. Two lawyers had done some of it, years ago and both screwed us up by not filing what had to be done....enter lawyer numero 3.

Where are the pro's who take your money and do their jobs????

By saturday  we should be done with the office/work room.
Bobby painting the top and I what I can reach. I am not 40 anymore.
I am exhausted after 3 hours painting.
Then I need a map. Where are the days that I just got out a brush and finished a room in 2 or 3 days.
I could not wait for Rhonda to finish, I was getting clutter fever from moving furniture here and there, curtains , knick knacks ~all fragile~ and between all that 3 dogs not knowing where to walk and forcing themselves into holes to small for them.
My hair is falling out from psoriasis and thyroid problems but I was ready to pull it out!!!!

I still have to paint my bedroom but I think I will wait for cooler weather.

Friday we visit Bob again and my heart wants to run there. Yet when I get there and see him I am totally in shock ,disbelief, and every organ in my body starts to ache for him.
It is not fair, a gentle , caring, loving,very spiritual man and a shell is left, not even a memory anymore of what he had lived for.
I love and I hate to go there but no one can keep me away.

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Unknown said...

You are an amazing strong woman Jeannot!! Hang in there.