Thursday, August 19, 2010

Have a lazy streak

I had all these topics in my head to write about but did not get much computer time in this week.
Excuses: still too hot for me.
secondly: still sleeping during the day
thyroid not being very nice.
thirdly: started to sort the bead stuff and trying to start.
fourth: lets call it what it is, a mild depression AGAIN.

Visits to Bob are getting harder and harder but he messed with my head or did I let him mess with my head?
For a long time now he would stroke my hair the way he always did.
He would try and get some order in my strands while we sat at the table.
He would always comment on what I was wearing and touch the fabrics.
(I should not buy large flower prints!!he said)
So he continued to do that at the nursing home. The girls and I thought he remembered this somewhere deep in his memory bank.
Not so, I thought I was so special, we walked down the hall and one of the mean ladies sat in her wheelchair cussing at a nurse, she has hair (my color) but down her shoulders, he went over and touched her hair very gently.
She did not notice which is a good thing, she is a fighter.
My bubble burst. He does this to others too so he did not remember me.
He is and always will be a very gentle man.
He had fallen again but he is made of iron. Seems he does linger too often in a room and checks out the chests of drawers.
Well, he did this here in our house for years and years. One time all my underpants were gone, I found them with his socks hidden under all his stuff.
No, he never was a cross dresser do not think he had intentions of becoming one.

I wish I out of this "black cloud over my head" feeling.
Not my nature to be so gloomy all the time, I hate it.

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