Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Miss Evans emailed me and asked permission to print a piece from my blog.
When I saw her name in my incoming mail I was trembling.
So I am impressed by people of her stature....

I sent her 2 photos telling our story very well from the day we got married to near the end.
I then let it rest.

I did not think much about it anymore and let it go. My new motto: if you can't do anything about it then let it go. I am trying to do that, not easy, I make up things to worry about.

This morning I get an email from a Facebook pal and she tells me how she loved the article in WOWOW.
Say what?

So I rush to the site , do not know where to look, I put in my name and there it is, not my LAST blog but it was so odd to read my words in that site.
I cried, I was overwhelmed but now at 10 am people are responding. People I have met there since day one.
Someone wrote that she saved my story I had sent her years ago. OMG.

I think that old Bob is watching and smiling.
Thank you WOW , THANK YOU

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Unknown said...

I agree...VERY cool! you are a strong woman and I admire you greatly!