Friday, March 18, 2011

March 18 2011

OK So I had a birthday.
So I am 79.
Am I looking forward to 80? NO!
80 sounds ancient to me, 79 sounds still part of the young set!!!
First birthday Bob has missed, no, that is not true.
Bob has missed the last 6 or 7.
In the good old days he would say a few days before my birthday:
I do not know what to get you!
I would answer while I'd show him a piece of jewelry and say"You bought me this, dear"
He would sigh, hug me and say "thank you, I hope you love it! I do have good taste!".
He was always glad to be off the hook and if I had bought the Hope Diamond that was still ok with him. He had little notion of values and money spent.

This birthday was the best I had in a decade.
The girls spoiled me with a great evening out.
Then we had lunch with my faves C and L and it was just fab.
Bobby renewed my Time Mag which I had missed and out of my budget.
Life is good.

I am selling my jewelry at the shoppe and I am both surprised and delighted.
Life has a new turn and it is good.
Bob would be laughing of my new enterprise , he loved it when I had new ideas and always worked with me on whatever.
He just did not like it when I said "Go and paint, rent is due soon"
That was my line way after the house was ours.
It got him going...for awhile.
The muse and know that excuse.....

I forgot to put new photos last week of the new collection, I will post this weeks.
Life is good

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