Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So where is my chocolate?

Forgot to get some yesterday.
Never mind it is that special wednesday I am not participating anymore.

Bobby gave me a fun present.
It is a Mason type jar with a blue butterfly in it.
When you tap the lid the butterfly starts to fly.
Of course, it is a paper one, silly and a battery makes it
flutter, it is cute. Will do till the real ones come back.

Adjustment helped a lot.
Will need a couple more of them next week.

Oscar is coming on Sunday.
A short visit.
Do not know how long.
At long last someone who loves my pancakes again.

Friday eve a comedy show downtown Asheville.
Hope I can hear it all.

Busy bee, good that I can walk but I do take a cane
that helps me to feel stronger when the spinning starts.

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