Monday, April 11, 2011

Fed up

So i had the surgery, takes longer to recuperate then I thought it would.
So Sunday I do fairly well, it's a hot pretty day, all is well with the world,
I get up from my recliner, very, very slowly as I have learned to do that with the
vertigo I take one step and the whole room starts to dance like in a horror movie,I swirl with it one whole turn and fall on my derriere, fall HARD.
In going down I even thought now what will break?
I sat for a long long time afraid to get up and break my hips even worse like I had done with the ankle. Enormous pain , Bobby helps me into my chair and gives me a pain pill. I slept the whole Sunday away taking Tylenol and at night Vicodin.

Today I would be dancing in the streets if it was not for this right hip who is obviously well bruised inside and muscles going outchie.
I am so fed up

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