Tuesday, April 5, 2011

so that was an "ouchie!"

2 weeks ago a trip to the ER with some bleeding turned my world upside down.
Within 5 hours the men with white coats, girls with giddy prints on their scrubs and guys with pony tails in nets decided to tell me I had a "mass" on right kidney.
I will catch up with the memories of the last 2 weeks but now fast forward I am thinking that in 13 months , starting March 3 2010 till now I had 3 major
changes in my life .
Forgetting that by then in 2010 I had been a caregiver to husband for 13 years.
Forget that part , March 3 2010 I break my ankle in 3 places.
6 months recovery time.
Sept 5 2010: Husband makes his transition.
recovery time : impossible.
March 31 2011 : surgery, removal of complete kidney infested with Cancer.
Recovery time : 6 days in hospital and waiting now at home for the rest
of the time.
I do pain quite well but pain with this surgery was not my friend.
I was a big ouchie!
I did not even lose weight , they tell me I am still bloated. Fine and dandy.
I hardly ate in 2 weeks for "bloating?".
Needed blood transfusion, they tell me the donor is was a man.
OK so will I grow balls now or be afraid to ask my way when I am lost?
Final line: I am cancer free do not need chemo.
For my friends who prayed and sent me energy I thank you.
You are the diamonds in my life's tiara.
Love every one of you
Back after a recovery commercial

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