Saturday, May 14, 2011

did you step on a crack and break your mother's back? fall turned out to be a problem with L2 , vertebrae that is.
I should have (should could would) gone to the ER the Sunday morning I fell.
But just 10 days out of my surgery I was kind of tired of hospitals and hoped for the best with just a "fall".
Pain became worse and worse so instead I went for an adjustment.
that did not help so I took the rest of the Vicodin they gave me for the
surgery, that did not help.
I gave in on week 3 and waltzed into my bone dr who was not very pleased with me
when we mentioned "chiropractor".
He talked to Sabrina in a different tone than usual and I did not get it all but he was pissed. Xrays were taken and gorgeous Dr.Bones walks in throws my chart on the
"bed" and says"she broke her back".
Turning to me : rest, rest, rest.
Walked out and nurse returned with Vicodin prescription but a much larger dosage then I had for the surgery.
I slept that night like a drugged baby.
As I write it will be 5 weeks since I fell.
I still have pain but stopped the meds because they made me so damn depressed and the dreams were horrible, this pill was messing with my mind.
I still can't go into the garden and start pulling weeds and stuff, it irritates me. I still have to go and rest in the recliner when the pain is a bit much.

This has been some year started March 2010 and it can stop now.
I am tired of this survival game.
Tired of needing help for small stuff.
Just plain tired.

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