Tuesday, May 17, 2011

is she moving out soon?

I am tired of this cranky old lady living in my house as of late.

She is no fun to be with.

That is an understatement.

On a very bad day I can muster some sympathy for her but that is only on very bad days.

She is getting old and parts of the body are complaining and so is she.

Start out with itching all over the place , oh that would be psoriasis, after 42 years you should be used to it so shut up about it.

She is lucky to walk like a normal person after she broke her ankle last March.

So she lost her husband, her best friend, she can join the widow's group the town is full of them.

Of course she had a bit of a shock at the end of March when she was told she had cancer. She never expected that, but then who does?

She lost a kidney, so what she has another to spare.

She came out clean.

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