Saturday, November 19, 2011

antiques and thrift stores

When I started the antique business ......years ago, an "antique" had to be over 100 years old. Rule used by customs in the USA when you brought in some juicy bit of European history. Mind you the Europeans did not like these things to come to the US but at that time they needed the bucks which we times have changed.

Now the dealers have changed the game anything over 5 days old is called "Vintage"
so that gives one a lot of space.

"Gently used" is also an over used term.
Your thoughts on "Gently" may not match mine.
Some people use whips and think they are "gentle" people.
I do not wish to buy a second hand purse which has been whipped!

Eons ago I started a second hand clothing store, it was in lovely Santa Cruz Ca.
and called :"Second time around". Business was slow but I met my best buddy there so it was worth it. Now it is chic to go shopping at second hand stores. Ultra chic is if you have "vintage", Bravo even has a show on that.
Went to a middle of the road "used" clothing store and was surprised that they are not ashamed to ask $275 for a Coach "vintage purse"....eBay has several ,same style, starting at $69.95...I know my bags ,it is another addiction I have.
Love bags hate shoes.
In my book Italians make the nicest bags!

Telling in our old town is the fact that there are a lot of small elderly ladies with a closet full of Dior type suits. Just go to one the better "used" stores and you hardly find a 16 and if you do find it then it is a church dress buckled up to the chin with tiny little flowers in polyester.....
Hate polyester and I have cleavage so I show it , hey we have push up bra's for something. Also I do not go to church.

Yesterday I hit it well, found a gorgeous boucle jacket which is very warm in mint condition, NOT gently used, Bijou approved of me wearing it this morning on our walk. I paid about 100.00 less then it would have been new.
I love it and not ashamed to admit it.
Outside that particular store was a BMW shining in its red glory. driver may have brought something new (size2) or is hunting is a new world.

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