Thursday, November 17, 2011

back again???

By popular demand...of 2 of my friends who keep track of me via this blog..I should at least try to keep up a few words to let them know I am alive and well.

Truth is that this is the commercial season and I am doing my best to make some nice necklaces hoping that people love the bling and buy!

I am also enlarging which is always dangerous but the mini mall in Brevard is adding another store and I am trying a second booth so I can also display my linens which I have a lot off.
It is all a lot of work, linens need to be washed again and ironed before they are put up. Vintage jewelry which I buy in bulk needs to be repaired , cleaned (I have a machine for that) priced and put in inventory.

Add to this that I take 2 to 3 hour naps!
The old girl will be 80 in 4 months!!!She needs to recharge the batteries.

All this work when I am retired keeps my mind going.
At the very least I do not have time to sit and think about what could have been, what the pasty 14 years have been and ...........

I always had some game plan, some goal, I have to rethink a lot of them.
I just do not see the use of planning for my 90th birthday.
So plan a for the next 10 years is "try for the next 2 or 3 "
Plan A is selling what I do not need and enjoy mini trips with my family.
In 2 to 3 years I probably will sell the house.
I am not thinking assistant living.
I am not good with that.
I do not make friends that quickly, eating at the table with 3 other old broads and not hearing what they have to say anyway...that is not my cup of tea.
I may have to relent BUT hope not.
If I were wealthy I would move into a studio apartement in the middle of Biltmore Park. Everything is there in walking distance and it is a fun clean lovely place reminding me of some of the European places like the one my Mom lived in.
Prices are too steep here for my budget.

This is not YET a good time to sell houses either. Mine is cute and has a lot of history and is a fixer upper, lets face the truth.

Bob is doing very well with school, the treatment is on going, counselors come twice a week. The other day when I got caught into a rain deluge walking Bijou he came
with an umbrella as far as he could go to meet me, old Bob did this all the time (meet me) I started to cry. I knew how big the effort was on his part.
He managed to drive around the block with his friend but his heart was racing, at least he did it!!!!Major issue!!!!

I am delighted that I sold another painting of Bob's , he is pleased I am sure.
He did not paint the last 10 years and constatnly in his confused state told me that he was going to open a small shop and sell his paintings (the ones he had given me) I used to be so sad when I heard this but he still wanted to be a part of the giving to the household. Confused as he was that still was on his mind.
It is hard to part with them but I can't hold on to them forever and the kids all have very nice collections already.

Thanksgiving is upon us and the Fisher/Kensinger/gang are going back to North Myrtle Beach, we liked the place when we went in September and Frank, Zack will go deep sea fishing on the rentals available there.
I will just sit and breath sea air, my enormous healer..the ocean...albeit I prefer Destin and the Gulf of Mexico but that is too far away.

No cooking for us!!!!!

Ditto for Christmas, on Christmas eve I will join others to go to outback and have a great bunch of ribs. Bobby nor I are Christmas nuts, that was dad's job, he pushed it on us like a very busy elf, without him there is no Christmas for me.
I did not grow up with that commercial side anyway and the church side has left me a long time ago.

Presents I do not do, I give them cash, still good in this country...I THINK...

back to you very much friends and you know who you are.....I will keep this going now....promise....

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Gypsy said...

Glad to see you're back. Recovery is as much a part of the process and I think those who have followed the blog will want to know the other side of survival - the healing, nurturing, thriving part ...

- Rhonda