Wednesday, December 7, 2011

chewers and barkers

I went grocery shopping and was in such a blah mood, could not get out of it.
Wanted to sit in a corner alone and just cry.
Picked myself up a little bit to finish the day with dessert...that did not help either...if chocolate does not help..then what to do?

Once home I felt totally spent, sat in my recliner and dropped my hearing aid on the table next to me....a voice said :"NO do not put it there the dog will get it"
I did not listen. I answered: "Just for a minute I will soon get up and go to bed"
too lazy to get up and put it away, that I was.

10 minutes later ...Bijou quietly sits on his bed in his cage.
He has a zillion chewable toys in there, none interest him for chewing, he just keeps them there as this is his shrine and the Corgy does not go in there to steal.
This time he has a tiny item that is in shreds.....
You guessed it.

For a few minutes I went balastic, knew I would throw up and not handle this very well......
The hearing aid is from the NC hearing center and they have paid for this my 4th one,a single, did not get a pair, I signed my life away with them as these are loaners and if something happens to them I PAY. Charity for the deaf ends when a Maltese takes charge.


Angela said...

did some catching up on this wonderful blog...and am ashamed that I have no more to say than "WOW" what amazing writing, straight from the heart! just reply to the last little bit...I sooo wish I could buy you a new hearing aid and hope very much, that Bijou said sorry!!!
I know you are not so much into Christmas these days, but hope that you enjoy the season all the same! Millions of Hugs xxxxx

Anonymous said...

John doepker is a homosexual. That didnt stop him from listening to neil diamond albums when he was a kid. you think you know someone and you really?