Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Neil Diamond

OK OK I am acting like a teenager who wants to see lady Gaga.
My guy is Neil Diamond, I think I have loved him forever, his America song brings me to a fountain of tears. It always reminds me how I sat dreaming in Belgium for the day I would go to America. Years I did this. His song hits me smack into my soul.

Well, I sat trembling by the computer, debit card in hand and waited for 10 00 am
when Ticketmaster would start selling the June Concert in Atlanta with none other than Neil Diamond.
I got it and I could hardly remember my name.
A little clock in the corner tells you that you have x number of minutes to make up your mind. Did it. Then another page with address and other info....another clock started...where do I live???Oh Hendersonville is such a long name especially with a
keyboard that has all these worn letters all blank.
Then another page and on it went , all pages flying in on some mysterious magic carpet of air and bringing into my view. What a world it is now I am thinking, no lines in front of a glass booth and a tired lady telling you that the last one just sold.
Finally the magic shows the last page with a number of proof that you just got tickets to the master balladeer. (Spelling?}
I jump up with joy and start dancing in a round and feel kind of nauseous...Bob tells me to stop it...then I remember I have vertigo and I am going to fall flat on my ass if I do not stop. Ass by the way is English for what I call my derriere.


Gypsy said...

Are you going with Sabrina?

neil diamond concerts tickets 2012 said...

Looking forward to a new Neil Diamond album. I began listening to him when I was just 13. Now I'm almost 40 and I have never become bored with his music.I hope to be still listening to him in 40 years time. He is the best!

Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoyed that concert you're referring too. I'm 36 y.o. and I love Neil Diamond too. To me he'll always be the best singer, best musician, best songwriter, and hottest man ever in the whole world. Hugs and wishing you the best. Sincerely, Neil's fan. ;)