Thursday, October 25, 2012

Election blues

Gosh, I have been working very hard these past weeks.
There is the winter clean up in the yard.
2 professional gardeners came and cut all the overgrown mess
I had not been able to tackle.
My Zack did this but the poor kid is busy with chemo and radiation.
For now all is going well with that.
I know when he gets well what he is worth...
Yikes...these gardeners know how to charge.............

Hedge is cut low on all sides and I feel naked looking out on the street now.

I have been in a bad mood and tracking down the origin I figured it is political.
I can't stop watching the news, the polls, the gossip, the truth???Where is the truth??
I was petrified to put up my Obama poster in the NC Mittens atmosphere.
This morning I decided the hell with it and I put it up

I am also making room for my pot collection which would not survive the winter.
So9me plants come inside under the special light and continue to stay alive, I am almost done. I had Rhonda taking me to my shop on Saturday and that is ready for the end of October tourist, then I will have to make more for Christmas and that is next.
Here are the last flowers, they served me well even with my neglect.
The water lily is the last one I am sure she is just budding now.

That is all I have to say today till I get in a better mood!!!!!!!!!!

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