Wednesday, October 10, 2012


My mother was extremely frugal but when she was down in the dumps she would go out and by something outlandish. Like a new couch and matching chairs, a sewing machine or a rug not worth what she paid for to 2 guys who came at her door!(so dangerous)She even made them turn around so they would not see where she kept her money!!!Yikes.

Au contraire to my mother I am not frugal but when I am down in the dirt feeling totally lost and not worth going another step then I do something odd too.
This time it is a stroller/jacket. It is GORGEOUS!!!!Got it on ebay with the description to make me drool and I bought it.
Here is the down part: My grandchildren hate fur wearing, my best friend hates it, my Maltese saw it and decided it was another dog and wanted to make it in shreds.
Here is the p0lus part: I love it.
Where will I wear it? Not often, it is not for a Walmart trip nor the Hospice thrift shop. But I am invited this Friday on the grounds of Biltmore to see Mary Wilson in concert. She is 62 and has a schedule made up for a 20 year old. She will be in Germany 2 days after this event. I may just wear this then. Lets see how cold it is.
What is it made off? the softest white leather I ever did see and all along the border and neckline white fox from Finland. It was purchased in Alaska. For 5 x what I paid for it.
The lady was my size and said she wore it once, it is spick and span new.
I did get it at thrift store price and she mailed it to me Fed Ex with the hanger and the bag to go with it.
As I am a retailer I also know I can get my money back and then some but I intend to wear it as long as I am still walking about these places. (Not walking the dogs !)
A photo will be coming this way.

I probably will not be invited out with my grandsons if I wear this and that is their privilege. I already gave away my mink jacket years ago but this one is for keeps.

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Angela said...

Wear it as often as you like, not just for that special occasion...leather must be worn and it has to breathe...enjoy!!!
Hugs...Hugsss xx
And never mind what anybody else will say... xxx the important thing is that YOU like it :-)