Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter right now and for me is about memories.
When I was new to this country and the habits I surely liked the dress up part of Easter.
The Easter Parade in New York.
People going to church who otherwise did n't.
At the same time I believe that my belief and arguments with the Catholic church were at a cross road.

I see my two little girls dressed the same and a 16 year old  foster child I dressed her up like a grown up.
My then husband took photos of us and right now they are all in the "photo closet" and I am very lazy and will not dare to find them.

That was a day in Campbell California and we had purchased a lovely 3 bedroom house.
We looked picture perfect on the outside , a year later we lost the house and all hell broke loose.
I will not go there, let me try another Easter...........There must have been some which I loved....
Easter with artist husband was different in as much as he made up Easter basket for the whole world,
the girls even when grown up waited to see what he would do next.
He was a Christmas nut and an Easter nut. In his studio he always had boxes with green, yellow, paper cuttings to make the nests. He would buy them on sale after the holiday and stashed them.

Surely I always did the cooking for an army, always found someone to come to dinner. When Rhonda was in college and the kids did not have the means to go home, they always came to my house.
One day we were in a grocery store and the cashier looked at us with a big smile:
"Rhonda!!!!she exclaimed, them she looked at me and came to hug me.
Mrs.K. you made my days when I was in Warren Wilson and always invited me to your table. I just could not go back to California for all the holidays. She was aglow. I was so surprised. I did not remember the girl but she remembered me.

So I know we did celebrate Easter in many ways. Most of it is a very thin veil square in my memory quilt.

Today I like it nice and quiet. I have no idea yet what I will cook for Bobby and I. Probably chicken and whatever I catch in the fridge or freezer. It will be another day looking outside to some light rain and dreaming about what to do with the garden this year.

I know if old Bob was still here and he would be able to think, he would be making baskets upstairs and find some people to give them too.
Who knows, wherever he is maybe he is doing that again.

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