Saturday, March 2, 2013

our mind flirts with bad thoughts...negative thoughts

that is what my friend wrote to me.
I had a very bad week , worrying about grandson in hospital with pneumonia during his chemo therapy.
For an old timer the word "pneumonia" scares the daylights out of you.
Today there are so many ways to fight it.
Zack is fighting it splendidly.
My mind was trying very hard not to flirt with the bad thoughts.
I would run from room to room not knowing why I was there and to do what.
I was in a complete fog, far away from the hospital and seeing for myself what was happening.
Then daughter became sick (no wonder about that) she has been in the worst boat all week
watching her son coughing to the point he could hardly eat in between the coughs.
Today her last blog tells me that they are on the mend, both of them.

Trying to reverse my worries with funny stuff I started to clean out my computer from junk and I truly had a good laugh when in the Spam I discovered someone telling me to try and find a Christian mate. That is hilarious to me.
Another offered me a larger penis while another wrote as if he is on FB and said: I saw your picture you are so cute please write to me here:.......
If any of these actually saw my picture(which of course they did not) they would not offer me a larger penis nor a place of rendez vous on the internet. They might send me to the best Botox dealers and even Burial insurance.

So I had a few laughs. I am on my way with good thoughts again.


Richard Bank said...

Some positive thoughts ... My father Morton Bank was a big fan of Bob's work. I just passed along to my daughter the " View of Infinity" . Several family members enjoy Bob's work that was passed along to them by my father. Paintings such as " The 35th" ( a collage of Morton's children's memorable items), The " Pipes", " Cracked Egg" , " Book and Candle" , " The Bullfight" and our personal air mail envelopes.

Viewing Bob's work has delighted and amazed me for the now 40 years since I was introduced to his work. Respectfully,

Richard Bank

Jeannot said...

Mr. Banks, you made my day!!!I could never forget the "Saint Banks" as we called Morton and his darling wife.W@e were involved in a bad scam in Marbella in 1974, I will not elaborate as I recently forgave one of the persons involved. We were practically penniless not having been paid for months of sales. I had retained the names of two of the mail envelopes he painted so I asked what was going on with their "late payments to the gallery". To my surprise all had been paid at the time of purchase but Mr. Bank included a 1000$ check and said: paint what you want for us.
It saved us and our children. We later delivered a large work to Mrs. Bank at the Plaza in NY. she was there while renovations were being done at their home. A gracious lady. A family I will never forget.
Thank you , thank you for writing this.