Friday, July 26, 2013

The Mediocre Farmer

Ok. Ok. So I admit it, I am a mediocre farmer.
How do I know that for sure?
Well after years of farming I am at 269 points, my friends are at the max 450 points.

If you are from another planet you probably do not know about our "Farms".

" Farm Town was initially sent out in February of 2009 to a few select members of the Facebook community in order to “iron out the bugs.” The game was finally added to the Facebook Application Directory in June 2009 and debuted as the fourth most popular game on Facebook."

 My son who lives with me knows that I love games, especially on the computer.
He saw the birth of the Farm Town as something "Mom would love". so he started me on this innocent adventure.  He did  need someone to "harvest" his field so he had different motives.
In the early days you had one field and you plowed, planted and harvested one little square at a time.
Time consuming it was.
I was his slave to go and harvest the pineapples he planted, always the same fruit because it yelded the most points. You keep on planting and eventually you get points which will buy you more land, seeds, animals,trees, castles and lean-tos.
With real cash and Paypal it is only a few "clicks" and you can shop for whatever your greedy heart wants that day.

Young Bob left the game after the second farm, so did my Sabrina, I on the other hand do not give up with ease as I now have 19 farms. Last week I gave up my 5.99 in REAL cash so I could get a combine which does 3 things all at once. It harvests, plows and seeds about 9 squares all at once. It saved me at least an hour of work the 19 "estates" I own.
I think I was singing all day when I bought the combine, it is so cool.
Now if you strangers to this game think I am a nut case, think again.
There are millions in this game, all over the globe.

I have farmer friends in the UK, in Greece, the Ukraine, Thailand New Zealand  and every state of the Union in the USA.

With my farmer friends I have made a friendship circle. In the 50's and 60's we had Round Robins with letters who did a circle of friends. Took forever to get to the end of "round". Now every morning I get my coffee sit by the computer and chat with the world.

I feel very lucky that I have that connection. I am somewhat of a loner, I do not drive, I do not like to be in particular clubs, groups, organizations of this and that. I never have. I kept in touch for decades with a very few loyal terrific friends. I am in heaven with my computer.

In the meantime Farm Town is so big that I can't keep up with it all ,I am OK with that.
Some days I just want to work the farms in every aspect, the flowers, the trees, the animals, the plowing. Then there are weeks I do not look at anything. When I come back it is always there waiting for me to play catch up.

Now and then I will splurge 5 or 10 bucks for some tool I would like but it is not something that will upset my budget. It is not a gambling thing. Now keep me OUT of Vegas, there I am in trouble.
I am a gambler, why do you think most people are in retail? They gamble if they buy this or that wholesale and can sell it for a profit , that is pure heaven.

This morning I did feel a bit out of sorts when I was planting dandelions. Who does that? My real ones are a quick fix with some poison and they droop but in Farm Town what do I need them for? I have not figured it out yet, everything they put up has a reason. Now I have a rabbit hutch with 22 rabbits. I wonder can I move the hutch and let the rabbits have a field day?

I love the windmills, of course I do. These are RED you can see them the minute you are on the field, they make flour out of the wheat you plant, better plant a lot. There is a bakery and pizza place ,then there are B and B';s with huge breakfast menus...and on and on.........

Sorry, I have to run I have to plant lemongrass........what was that for???I can't remember.....but I will find out...........
See you in Farmtown.

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