Monday, July 22, 2013

"would it not have been nice if Zimmerman

would have given this young man a ride home to get out of the rain" I am quoting from a sermon by an Episcopalian priest.

Are these days gone? Totally gone?

Now we can play cop and carry a gun and offer a bullet instead of a ride.

Better yet it is called self defense.

Outrage at our judicial system with all the loop holes and the prejudices there.

I just read in Time that by 2040, (I thought that is when my son will be 70) not so far that time it is estimated that the "whites" will be the minority in the USA.

What will happen in the meantime?
More murders now also black on black in the ghettos?
More innocent people being shot?
A little girl was shot yesterday during a funeral service for a relative who had been shot.
Does any of this make sense?

Hatred for each other?
Profiling? We all do that, lets be honest.

Profiling is very dangerous it makes you use judgment on someone you do not even know by name.
I was brought up with prejudice and profiling.
I did not figure it out till much later in life.
Both my mother and father had been kids during WW1 in Belgium.
Both hated the Germans with a passion.
If someone would walk by us speaking German my mother would turn white from anger.
She would say words under her breath I never heard her say out loud.

WW2 came and I surely joined my parents in hating the Germans and this hatred lasted with me for decades. One such national would walk in my shop and my help had to take over ,I would not serve them and would often run to be sick to my stomach.
I did not know these people and I disliked them with a horrible passion.

A German person I will never meet in person  but became a friend of mine on the internet has changed my mind. I do not even know how to explain it. She is German and I adore her and we write every day a few words here and there. Over the past few years she had given me great advice and helped me over hurdles.

I am sorry that I perhaps lost other friendships because someone was born in Germany.

I speak with an accent and the first guess strangers ask me is :"You German?"
In the past I would have a whole story for an answer and it was not a pretty one.
I so wanted to be able to say a "TH" sound but it is not going to happen.
Now I just answer and say "No Belgian, and I speak Flemish therefore the accent".
Leave it at that.

Can I forget the war? No, not ever.
When I see the kids in the Middle East, in Africa and wherever there are fights ,bombs, airplanes, soldiers , I feel in my heart that all these boys and girls IF they survive will have these horrors scars in their mind.
I just hope that they can grow stronger from the experience, I think I did.

So what will happen now that America is back on the sing song about we MUST OVERCOME.
If we had Zimmerman would not be a vigilante, he would not need a gun, he would not have taken a life and he is not the only one. Who knows how many similar incidents are hidden under the rugs. It took the child's parents to bring that incident to the light and ask questions.

I see  no quick answers but for the moment the sad picture is back on the front pages, wake up America, forget colors, we are all human beings who would enjoy not being afraid.

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