Friday, December 27, 2013

December 27 2013

Christmas is over with and then the New Year looming in our faces.
So we are in sort of a no mans land of celebrations.
If one does celebrate that is.

I wanted it quiet! I got it!
Poor Sabrina came down with  a bad chest cold and could not come out and contaminate us all.
Especially the old mother with lungs made of ersatz.
Grandson Jim and Rhonda came down and we had a nice quiet dinner out and came home to
play a new game. Jim is good at games and just received one for his birthday.
Poor kid was born on the 23rd, he misses out  a bit in the present departments.
While the trio settled down for the competition I quickly said "Goodnight" and crawled in bed.
That took care of Christmas eve.

Christmas day  I did not budge but our good friend Rand came by , his tradition, and we had a nice couple of hours of conversation including Bob. It was pleasant and we are always having something to share from
past years activities. He lives in D.C. Afraid that we may see him sooner this year , his dad is 91 and has a problem with his heart.  I think his visit with his family may not have been the most cheerful .

Boxing day! I got a new Time magazine and again just sat mostly on the couch reading then a phone call.
I may have tubes and mini computers in my ears , 4 grand worth as a matter of fact but on the telephone I hear next to nothing.
I said Hello a dozen times and finally I heard the voice say: It is Janine.
I repeated her name and she said yes.
I said let me run to my other phone.
That is the phone with supposedly hearing capacity with a booster but that does not mean that it works either. With great hopes and my heart pounding I listened to my cousin for 10 minutes.
I understood: "I have a nice kitchen, love the flowers, and the rest were just words flying around and I had no idea what she was talking about....." At the end she said "is it OK?I said yes" No idea to what is ok.

My cousin is two years older than I. Our mothers were sisters. There were many fight5s between the sisters and the 2 mothers had a way of bringing us into the fight. Our relationship was not always smooth.
In adulthood it got a bit better but we still had such a different life style it was sometimes hard to understand each other. She and her brother was all I have left in Belgium. Her brother is my age and has Alzheimer and has been in a rest home for quite awhile. He knows no one she wrote that to me years ago.
I sent her a necklace and long letter 2 years ago and did not get a reply. I did not know if she did not get the letter or she did not feel like writing me just worried me a lot and annoyed me too.
Then last September I get a short letter from her grandson who lives in France and he said here is Janine's address , she is in a residentie per advice of her doctors. Not a word of her condition. He sent a photo and she did not look very healthy, in fact her one shoulder seemed lower and I had the idea that she had a stroke. I sent her flowers. Then letters and cards and I told her not to worry about writing back (because I thought she was unable) . I figured one day her grandson probably would let me know how she was doing or if she had left us for good. I was very sad about  it all.

I sent her flowers for Christmas but the flower shop said they could not let me know if they had been delivered because they were si swamped and had no record of delivery. I told them no delivery then I want a refund. I slumped into my chair thinking the worse.

You can imagine what it was to hear her talking to me. I was so overwhelmed and so in tears and no doubt she could talk very well and probably did not have a stroke because she rattled on and on.
I cursed my ears, my hearing aid and all the words I had missed. I asked Bob is he could trace her number and he said no but after a few seconds he said something came up but I just do not have any idea if it is hers.
I will ask Brie to check it out. It probably is the number of the jerk who called me and said he was
from Publishers House and I called him a liar and hung up. The call was very unprofessional and I knew in an instant it was a fraud.I do not participate with PB. so the jerk called me back and said: Go to hell you Bitch!and hung up. I am thinking we may have his number and not Jeanine's.

I cried for the rest of the day, just tears of joy to know she was still alive and still could babble like before even if I could not hear like before, it was the greatest gift.

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