Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I am anti war.
I hate it to think that we get involved in so many countries as peacemakers, war makers, nuclear weapons police and on and on. Yet I was liberated in 1945 in Europe ending a brutal war.
I just do not see it all in the whole picture.

BUT...I met a 20 year old the other day.
His mother wanted him to join the army ASAP, he did, not too many choices for this kid,
he came back with a bullet in the shoulder. He was in Afganistan. I bet when he boarded that plane he had no idea where it was located.
I could not help it but admire him.
How do you feel when you are "forced" into a war situation.
How do you feel when suddenly you have to kill or be killed.
By the age of 20 how messed up are you?
Or do you have a clean slate in front of you to have a great life now?

There are thousands of them out there and my heart is very heavy for every one of them.

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