Monday, January 13, 2014

Sabrina's ordeal with formaldehyde

Sabrina was going to be a big help this past season and make blankets for children via some organization.
My grandson had just finished cancer treatments and when he was in the hospital he was given a nice blanket with hundreds of colors. It was soft and he loved it, he would wrap himself in it like a little baby yet he is 18 and giant size.
So, Brie decided to do the same for 20 kids.
She divide the preparation of the blankets into 2 week ends.
Then something happened which puzzled us all.
She started a rash, a rash with itching and heat.
She ran around scratching and when no one was home she'd be naked not being able to
stand anything on her skin.
This tale went on for MONTHS, she went to the ER twice, to a dermatologist twice....
had acapuncture, tried to sleep without results.
In all her years I had never seen her like this , she just could barely function.
We played detective to see what had been different in her life at the onset of this rash and all
I could think about was the blankets.
And at this point I have done research on the internet every minute I could.
There a ton of people out there with formaldehyde rashes, one I read took 1 year to leave her system and then she went to her dentist and it started all over again.
Doctors are not that sure of the poison in that product and are often misinformed.
My previous post also lets us know that in many countries the use of this chemical is banned, not in the USA.
The last 3 days, Sabrina is better, she still had the spots showing were she just scratched till she bled. She slept the other night for the first time in months without interruptions.
Be aware.

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Unknown said...

Oh wow! I hope she is doing better now. What was she making the blankets out of?