Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Weather is all we talk about these days..........

Yup it is winter, even in the South.
Pipes wrapped up and water dripping so the pipes will not freeze.
Water feature frozen and the birds complaining to us this is their water hole.
Walks are terrifying at times (with B.) there comes a moment when I have to go searching for the new breath.
I am wrapped up in every wool item I own but still .........
In the heat I suffer and in the cold .......this is not pleasant.
This is called old age, I think.
Where can I buy better lungs?

Good news is that Gaston is doing well after the doctors told the kids to come and say goodbye to him.
After his fall and hip broken he had a heart attack , then blood cloths in the lungs etc....
that was almost a week ago, yesterday I got word that he is sitting up and learning to walk.
I miss his emails, he is my Belgian life line.

No news with the hearing aids , they annoy me, it is a lot of money and I can hear ok person to person but when I take them out, the plastic tip is stuck in my ear and then Bob needs to get out the flashlight and
the tweezers. What would it be if I was alone.
I am grateful for the hearing I have now but these  other problems are a bit annoying.

I have not been in a writing mood. You think the cold is freezing my brain?

Bob will have a visit to a general pract. doctor. He has high blood pressure.
Thin as a rail ,he is. We think it is from his many medicines which keep him going.
This visit will be his first as an adult.  He is crossing his fingers that he can do it.
I have my legs, arms and eyes crossed as well.

Tonight it will be 9 degrees with a much colder wind factor.
So I will get my orchids away from the windows and check everything out that I can.

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