Wednesday, February 26, 2014


My son who has agoraphobia has made a first step into an outside world he has not seen in a decade.
So he came home from 3 days in trying to fit in and help in a business without panic attacks.
First announcement he made to me:
"Mom, have people become so rude in the last decade?"
He was just surprised at some of the comments and language on the phone.
I told him to wait till he needs customer service somewhere.

Yes, even in the South people are no longer as friendly as they used to be.
I hate to say it but it has been my experience.


Gypsy Lee said...

I too wonder about this. I'm customer service, which has a reputation all it's own, and yet you'd be surprised by how customers talk to us. Most, I have to say are polite, patient, even cordial. Then there's another layer. You learn to detach. When someone says, "You did this to me", it's not "me" they're referring to.

Brother's life and reaction to it are so interesting. He's a living time capsule.

"Nonviolent Communication - A language of Life" is a book I recommend to everyone. My son gave it to me and it has taught me a lot. Change begins with us. I know I've had things to learn too.

Jeannot said...

thank you for your input