Thursday, February 27, 2014

Back Thursday

Facebook had a Back Thursday kind of day.

I decided to put my Thursday way back:

I had written my story about my communion
in an anthology published book under the name of "Clothes Lines" by Celia Miles

Here I am at age 10 doing my Holy Communion two years early with permission of the bishop.
It was 1942, the middle of the war.
We did not have a camera but when I visited the house of a friend she took photos.
The center photos are my Mom and my Dad, he was a police man.
They look very strict and they were , these photos were from their passports.
Stern people , these were bad times.

If I find the story in these blogs I will print it again, not sure if I did.
My photo with Celia Miles (author of many books) the day we all met, all the writers in this anthology were NC writers.

Looking back to it all I truly feel a bit sorry for that girl, she was very shy and very unhappy.
But it did not last my whole life.
It may not make sense but I was truly just born when I was 36 and met the one person who always loved me. I can't complain.


Gypsy Lee said...

A happy picture above the stern ones. :)

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