Monday, March 3, 2014

So we have a new cat. Mom's reward.

Gift from Bob
because I am his favorite Mom
and he is my favorite son.
And this cat has made me smile on dark days.
Now I get to hug it and let him stay grumpy if he wants to.


Angela said...

Congratulations, you are such a wonderful person, giving this delightful feline a home...I hope Grumpy is grateful!
You will be busier than ever, another mouth to feed, litter tray to clean, Grumpy allowed out or will he/she be an indoor cat like Kitty???
Am so jealous!!
Sending hugs xx

Jeannot said...

Grumpy alias Tartar is sitting on my printer looking at me. So far he is very docile and did not need a cat box, perfect cat he is!