Sunday, March 9, 2014

Friends in trouble.........

When you reach my age and you have friends who have been there for many years then you know
you may get emails or phone calls and hear some health news you'd rather not hear.

Today is such a day and it is taking the wind out of my sails.

This lady is a long time friend in Belgium and has been like another daughter for many years.
She found herself in trouble with the C word.
Cancer in the breast, when will it stop?
I am hoping that she was in time to fight what   was there or is there.
I am very found of her.
Oddly I have been dreaming for weeks now that I am at the beach with her Uncle and Aunt.
They have passed several years ago. Yesterday I was wearing a shawl from her Aunt as she started a stroke
while we had lunch and went to the ER never to make it out again. I had her shawl in my hands and
keep it and wear it often.

This new event has to end well.
It just has to , she is still very young.

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