Thursday, March 6, 2014

a New necklace

Life changes all the time for me.
7 months ago I made necklaces with tons of beads and rocks.
Now I wear a necklace with GPS capacity.
Being alone a lot more now I have :
a necklace with emergency button, a watchband with emergency button and a main unit which work both with GPS and phone and answers very quickly to any emergency I may have.

I feel so spoiled and extremely protected.

so :
Funny: Bob said it was all charging during the night and so in the am I just wanted to see how hard I had to press the button and would it go off if I pressed by mistake.
So I press the necklace button and you have to press hard, that is good, suddenly bells are going off at the main unit and a voice asks me what my emergency is...I just blabber :"I am OK I am Ok" by then Bobby comes rushing into the kitchen having heard all these beeps. He took over and told the man my name.The man said :Have a good day!.
Yikes I did not think it was hooked up for real.
We tested the wrist band, the necklace, the main unit we took into the yard and all tested very well.
I have to do that once a week.
I have a door lock like the people do when we rent on vacation, in case they need in, (ambulance or police) the number will be given them, and there is a key in the box to open the door.

What more do I need? 

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