Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Survivor

I adore him because he is my son.
I respect him because of his values.
I admire him because he is a survivor.
I know in my heart that when he survived his adversities this far
he will make it and turn the tables and have a happy life from here on in.

No, he did not have cancer or some horrible accident.
He had a mental issue, agoraphobia.
If he had cancer hundreds of hospitals are there with help.
With mental health issues you are out of luck to get help.

I will not go back to all what happened to this young man.
His love left us after an accidental overdose of over the counter medicine.
Before that short time of being content he had a hell of a life.
From High school on nothing went well and panic started and he lived in fear
from certain people both at his work and with other adults.

We stood in a corner not being able to help.

He is just now delivering himself of all the demons and finally the last 3 years had a terrific group of drs. and counselors.
He is my hero.

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