Friday, February 10, 2012

Elderly parents and kids...

I write to several of my peers and the daily emails I get are mostly about problems we are having with children.
Now our children are mostly in their 40's or 50's or later but are having problems either with spouses, money (that especially) emotions, changes in the hormones,friendships, health for sure, and the list goes on.
We are near the end of this journey and are not able to help.
Most of us are on limited income, have doctors who are retiring on us and can't advice on the new load of MD's and gadgets to get us alive and stay alive, our journey's into matrimony were quite different and when we bought a house we thought it was the best investment we ever made.

Decades ago my mother in law who was then 83 years told me that she was
happy to be near the end of life as she could not keep up with the changes.

I try to keep up but I am exhausted when I hear their problems.
Life goes on with different challenges.
It is how we can deal with them without 24 different Life Masters and Guru's.

If these Master planners are doing so very well, check out their household when the doors are closed, is everything perfect there? I doubt it.

If a financial advisor is so good, ask him how his portfolio is doing? Does he need an advisor too?

100 years ago both my grandmothers were beaten on a daily basis.
The husband was King, the supporter of the family, the man who could have mistresses and the wife look the other way.
How much has changed???
In every town in this country there is a shelter for battered wives....
say no more.

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